[CalendarServer-users] Unable to locate subversion base URI for sources.

Josh Wisenbaker macshome at afp548.com
Wed Sep 13 20:04:31 PDT 2006

On Sep 13, 2006, at 9:16 PM, Rick Davis wrote:

> Everything completed correctly. Now I'm hoping Josh can get through  
> the configuring of using OpenDirectory (instead of a static  
> repository) and posts a part 2 to his article on afp548.com soon.  
> Although I don't imagine it will be easy to convert from using a  
> static repository to using OpenDirectory to provision principals.
> Not at all familiar with changing LDAP schema, so I have to wait  
> for good instructions.  ;-)

The issue I think comes from the fact that the code is looking for:

Attribute names from Directory Service.

attrRealName             = "dsAttrTypeStandard:RealName"
attrGUID                 = "dsAttrTypeStandard:GeneratedUID"
attrLastModified         = "dsAttrTypeStandard:ModificationTimestamp"
attrCalendarPrincipalURI = "dsAttrTypeStandard:CalendarPrincipalURI"
attrGroupMembers         = "dsAttrTypeStandard:GroupMembers"

(Clipped from dsattributes.py in the PyOpenDirectory folder.)

And when you add schema it's dsAttrTypeNative.

Since I'm a sysadmin, not a coder, I'm a bit stumped now. Can I just  
change the attributes in the above file and then re-run the setup.py  
in that module? I can throw together AppleScript Studio or a bash  
script just fine, but Python is new to me.


Josh Wisenbaker, ACSA
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