[CalendarServer-users] Kerberos Authentication

Guido Guenther agx at sigxcpu.org
Tue Sep 19 01:09:57 PDT 2006

Hi Cyrus,
On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 02:30:18PM -0400, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
> >I had little luck setting up kerberos authentication with caldavd. All
> >my experiments indicate that the authkerb.py isn't even being looked at.
> >Any hints on howto make kerberos available as an authenticator to
> >twisted?
> 1) Make sure you have the latest trunk - there were a bunch of recent 
> changes that affect authentication.
> 2) To enable different types of authentication you need to modify the 
> bin/caldavd file. Attached is a patch to do this. Note that there are two 
Ahh, I see. Works now, thanks. It would be better if we could fall back
to basic auch in case negotiate fails.
Thanks for your help,
 -- Guido

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