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Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wsanchez at wsanchez.net
Mon Dec 3 10:25:52 PST 2007

   The "@1541" revision trailer on the URL there doesn't work on  
(very?) old versions of Subversion.  You need to update your  
Subversion install, or edit the run script not to tack on the revision  
to URLs.  It should still work (most of the time).


On Dec 2, 2007, at 3:48 AM, Dan Todd wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am (more than) a little out of my depth here, but I've attempted  
> to configure and run Calendar Server on a CentOS 5 (Trixbox) box.    
> I've used Maxime Wacker's guide and everything has gone well  
> including building the latest version of Python.   I've now tried to  
> './run' and it fails with:
> Checking out PyKerberos...
> svn: URL 'http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/PyKerberos/trunk@1541' 
>  doesn't exist
> I'm sorry if this is a simple question, so I appreciate your  
> indulgence and help.
> Best regards,
> Dan

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