[CalendarServer-users] attendee lookup

Emil Lundberg Emil.Lundberg at bmc.uu.se
Fri Dec 14 00:42:01 PST 2007

>> The easiest way to do this is obviously to run a OSX/OD/iCal Server  
>> combination instead of DCS! :-). Using non-OD directory servers  
>> though, it should be possible to add the required attributes to a  
>> standard LDAP server (or AD for that matter), and bind to it using  
>> Directory Utility as per the above procedure. We have not (yet)  
>> begun testing on this at my site so this is as far as my knowledge  
>> stretches at the moment. It is an important question though; we too  
>> will most likely rely on existing LDAP/Linux-based directory  
>> services for any site-wide calendar service.
> Remember too that 10.5 Macs can use record augmentation to add  
> things like the servicelocator to the user accounts without the need  
> to modify the source directory service.
> Josh Wisenbaker, ACSA
> http://www.afp548.com
> We're the M in RTFM.

Thanks Josh for the info; this could be really useful in a mixed  

In case anyone else is interested, an in-depth article is posted on  
AFP548: http://www.afp548.com/article.php?story=20071210105328355

So, I gather that to do this one does not strictly need a  
supplementary Open Directory server in addition to the primary  
directory server? I.e. on a single client one could perform the  
augments on /Local/Default/Config/ (and so on) instead?

(sorry for bordering on off-topic for this list perhaps)


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