[CalendarServer-users] ACLs in new configuration scheme

Maxime Wacker mwacker at linagora.com
Mon Jan 8 07:42:52 PST 2007

Hello everyone.

I've just succeeded in setting CalendarServer on Linux with a Sunbird
client. (i'd be pleased to put a mini-howto somewhere in the wiki.
how ?)

I'm able to define users who stores their sunbird calendars on
CalendarServer. But i can't understand how to define ACLs for sharing
between users.

I've read in this ML that standard DAV methods could be used for setting
ACLs (but there is no practical client). I also read some instructions
how to define them in configuration files (when repository.xml was

What i need is some up-to-date instructions on how to set ACLs in the
new configuration scheme.


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