[CalendarServer-users] ACLs in new configuration scheme

mwacker at linagora.com mwacker at linagora.com
Thu Jan 11 00:33:47 PST 2007

>    I put put this doc:
>      http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/calendarserver/wiki/Sunbird

I used it. There is a little mistake in it.

The URI http://localhost:8008/calendars/users/jsmith/calendar
should be http://localhost:8008/calendars/user/jsmith/calendar
('users' -> 'user')

>    Which I got from one of the Sunbird developers.
>    If you have additional info you'd like to share, mail it here, and
> we'll try to update the wiki accordingly.

OK I'll write some Linux Install Instructions soon (after having replaying
them from scratch). The main difficulty was having xattr supported in File
System where to put servers datas.

>    Defining ACLs is tricky business and I haven't yet seen any client
> attempt to give users control of ACLs.  I think that one will take
> some time to settle.
>    The new server configuration removed most of that flexibility.
> This is partly because I don't really think that the server config is
> the right place for that.  For one thing, the server config can only
> set the default values, so it doesn't give you a way to edit them
> again later.  We need a better solution.
>    There is a new admin tool in the server package now that may be a
> good place for that.

i tried it :

$> cd bin
$> export PYHONPATH=`../run -p`
$> ./caladmin
  File "./caladmin", line 23, in ?
    from twistedcaldav.admin.script import run
line 37, in ?
    from twistedcaldav.admin import formatters
line 215, in ?
    import plistlib
ImportError: No module named plistlib

I'll be back

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