[CalendarServer-users] User Survey

Martin Østerlund tosca at cs.aau.dk
Fri Jan 12 00:02:52 PST 2007

Just a comment to go with my x's

We're _not yet_ planning to use this calendar server. However
we are looking for a easy to manage, centralized way
to offer a calendar product to our users (whoam use a variety of clients 
-- almost none uses Mac).

In short, If we can make this run on linux (probably SuSE, perhaps 
RedHat) and when client support for caldav improves -- this could be a 
promising solution.

I'll keep an eye on the mailling list. But will not do much until there 
is a official release.

Cheers, Martin

Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wrote:
>   I'm curious as to whether we have many people trying to use the server 
> from svn and whether folks would find it useful if we started to cut 
> releases on Mac OS Forge in the near future.  We'll getting to a stable 
> enough point that this may become feasible soon.
>   So if you are using the Calendar Server, if you could check in here, 
> it would help us get a sense of what the demand is.  The information 
> below would be useful.  A partial response is fine if you can't disclose 
> much about your plans.
>     Thanks,
>     -wsv
>   [x] I plan to use Calendar Server after Apple ships it
>   [ ] I plan to use Calendar Server in the near future
>   [ ] I am using the Calendar Server today
>       [ ] With little/no success so far
>       [ ] With some success
>       [ ] Dude, this rocks
>   Environment:
>   [ ] Company
>   [x] University
>   [ ] Personal
>   [ ] Other: ________
>   Expected (ballpark) number of users: 600+
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