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Matt Simerson matt at layeredtech.com
Tue Jul 10 18:09:03 PDT 2007

> On Jul 10, 2007, at 12:49 PM, Guillaume LACHENAL wrote:
> > Since Leopard release is known to be planned in October 2007, I ask
> > you about the Darwin Calender Server status.
> > - Is it (near to) production ready ?
> > - Is the code usable in a production environment ? Not being well
> > packaged won't be a big problem.
> > - Are there missing features ?
> It's pretty near to complete. As to what's not complete or being  
> worked on, see trac.calendarserver.org.
> > Apple announced [1] Outlook ability to connect an iCalserver via an
> > opensource connector. Is the connector developed at Apple or is it a
> > third party project ? Which one ?
> I'm pretty sure Apple announced no such thing, but there is this  
> project, which is potentially one way to get there: http://openconnector.org/
>      -wsv — Wilfredo Sánchez - wsanchez at wsanchez.net

I do believe Guillaume is referring to this:

    Works well with others.
     iCal Server uses open calendaring protocols for integrating with  
     calendar programs, including iCal 3 in Leopard, Mozilla's  
Sunbird, OSAF's
     Chandler, and Microsoft Outlook using an open source connector.  
     open standard protocols include CalDAV - a set of extensions to  
      - and interchange formats such as iCalendar, iMIP, and iTIP.


That could almost be considered an announcement.

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