[CalendarServer-users] Calendar subscription authorization

Jacques Foucry jacques at foucry.net
Thu Jun 7 06:28:28 PDT 2007

Hello folks,

I'm new here and I've just installed calendar server on my Mac OS X  
Server Tiger.

Every thing seems to work well. Admin and ordinary users can create  
and publish calendar with iCal.

The subscription doesn't work well. Admin could subscribe to ordinary  
users calendars but ordinary users could not subscribe to admin  
calendar (it seems logical) and to other ordinary users calendars.

I made a group un conf/accounts-test.xml with all my non-admin users  
but it does not change anything.

I suppose (but I'm not sure) that the answer is in sudoers.plist file  
but I don't see how.

Help will be really appreciate.

Best regards,
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