[CalendarServer-users] Debugging caldavd on Linux

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Thu Nov 1 18:35:30 PDT 2007

Hi David,

--On November 1, 2007 7:49:31 PM -0400 David Szego <david.szego at gmail.com> 

> Bugs:
> 1. User names are case sensitive. Not so much a bug, as counter-intuitive.

Please file a bug on that and we will look at it.

> 2. Every login (i.e. open up iCal) generates the following in caldavd, as
> do any edits to events:
> 'No principal found for UID: david'
>   "Attempt to create clone
> '/var/cache/CalendarServer/principals/__uids__/david' of resource
> <DirectoryPrincipalUIDProvisioningResource:
> /var/cache/CalendarServer/principals/__uids__>"

OK, so a while back we changed the way principal-URIs are defined so that 
now principal-URIs are found in /principals/__uids__/. The items in there 
are identified by their directory guid values. For open directory those are 
"real" GUID values.

With the xml account directory, if the account entry does not have a <guid> 
element containing the GUID to use, then the server generates a "real" GUID 
for that account on the fly. This is probably not what you want.

So, add <guid> elements in accounts.xml that have the same value as the 
<uid> elements (making sure you do not duplicate values anywhere across all 
types - users, groups, locations and resources).

Once you do that, /principals/__uids__/david will exist and iCal should be 
able to access the account using that path in its account preferences setup.

I guess we should change the example accounts.xml file to include <guid>'s 
on all resource.

If you are wondering, the reason for using GUIDs is to make sure that if a 
user id is re-used (and over a period of time they could be if one user 
leaves and another arrives with the same name, initials etc), then the new 
user is not able to access any data from the old user that may still exist, 
since the GUID (in open directory at least) will be different.

> 3. iCal is unable to look up users or resources when entering meeting
> data. Resources show up just fine in "Accounts:Delegation" preference
> pane, as described in <proxy> lines of accounts.xml, but adding users in
> the "Manage access to my account" dialog does not let me look up or enter
> any users. An error dialog is generated stating:

'Manage Access to my account' only works when iCal is bound to a 10.5 open 
directory server.

> I have two users, david and sonja, one room, testroom, and one resource,
> car. When I "Add Attendees" in iCal, slowly typing a name gives me a
> flicker of a spinning cursor, indicating it is looking up a name, but no
> response from the server in either the log or the ./run -v shell.

Again, iCal's auto-complete is only functional with a 10.5 open directory 
server. You should still be able to type in the email address as 
'mailto:xyz at example.com'.

Cyrus Daboo

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