[CalendarServer-users] Beginner Question. Calendar Server on Leopard

Patrick Berry patb at picknowl.com.au
Fri Nov 2 14:13:49 PDT 2007

Hello everyone.

I'm new to this list and Calendar Server, so if this question seems a  
little too simple, I apologise now.

I have just downloaded and installed Calendar Server from MacOSForge  
and run up the stock standard installation.

What I would like to do is put my calendar created in the previous  
incarnation of iCal on the server so I can manipulate it from any  
machine in my home network.

How is this done?

I have connected to the server via http:/localhost:8008, but I can't  
subscribe to any of the calendars that are available with the default  
installation, so I think I've got something wrong straight away. So I  
guess a preliminary question would be how to connect to the calendars  
that come with the Calendar Server?

Or, even better, is there a FAQ anywhere that details these basic steps?

Thanks for you time, and thanks in advance for you help.


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