[CalendarServer-users] Beginner Question. Calendar Server on Leopard

Andrew Berry andrewberry at sentex.net
Sun Nov 4 07:39:13 PST 2007

Apparently this list is configured to reply to the sender, not the  
list, so I'm bringing this thread back in case others are interested.

On 2-Nov-07, at 10:51 PM, Patrick Berry wrote:

> That sounds like the way I would like my server to run.
> Could you step me through the process you went through to establish  
> this?

I used the FreeBSD script to set up CalendarServer on my FreeBSD 6.2  
box. I then configured authentication through the XML directory  
service, and ensured that a web browser could browse to calendars/ 
users/admin with the proper HTTP authentication.

I then loaded up iCal and set it up. In my case, the Account URL is "https://kibble:8443/principals/users/admin/ 

Once you can connect and see calendars on the server, create an empty  
calendar. Use File->Export to export your local calendar to an ICS  
file and save it. Then import that file back in, and set the  
destination calendar to be the empty calendar you created on the  
server. You should then see a whole bunch of HTTP PUT's in the DCS  
log, one for each event I think.

I would imagine in a production environment that the import/export  
could be applescripted to make transferring easier.

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