[CalendarServer-users] Debugging accounts.xml and Linux (cont...)

David Szego david.szego at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 11:21:09 PST 2007

Took WSV's advice, and got a little further with my accounts.xml and  
Linux install:

- Remove <guid> lines in accounts.xml
- Let caldavd generate proper guid's (as per Wilfred's comments on  
guid formats)
- Copy generated guids into <guid> tags in accounts.xml
- Remove calendar info (in my case, I've put it in /var/cache/ 
- Delete/re-create account in iCal

I still get:

[caldav-8009]  [-] 'No principal found for UID: admin'
[caldav-8009]  [-] "Attempt to create clone '/var/cache/CalendarServer/ 
principals/__uids__/admin' of resource  
<DirectoryPrincipalUIDProvisioningResource: /var/cache/CalendarServer/ 

for each user in my accounts.xml (not for resources/locations).

Calendars now seem to behave a bit better - I can add events without  
getting previous access not allowed dialogs (used to get them  
immediately) and names check (i.e. adding an attendee called "sonja"  
puts a checkmark, where Sonja is a valid account in accounts.xml and I  
am not using OpenDirectory)

However, I now get one new error, as soon as I add an attendee:

[PDClientAddressWrapper] GetClientAddress(host='', port=41007)
[PDClientAddressWrapper] result = AmpBox({'_answer': '6', 'host':  
'216.x.y.z', 'port': '4666'})
[CalDAV Outbox POST] Originator: mailto:david at thinkcreatesolve.com  
does not match authorized user: /principals/__uids__/ 

At the point where I click "Done" on the new event, I then get the  
access denied message:

Access to "test event on home cal" in "calendar" in account "Home  
Calendars" is not permitted.

The server responded:
"HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden"
to operation CalDAVScheduleEventQueueableOperation.

Although in the caldavd console, the event POSTs, PUTs, and it writes  
the .ics file.

Editing or moving the event afterwards does not generate any errors.

So, 3 errors:

1. No principal found for UID (each user)
2. Originator email address does not match authorized user
3. Access is not permitted to new events

The system is open at https://www.thinkcreatesolve.com and the users  
are admin/admin, david/david, sonja/sonja

Thanks for the help!

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