[CalendarServer-users] Re: Debugging accounts.xml and Linux (cont...)

Emil Lundberg Emil.Lundberg at bmc.uu.se
Tue Nov 6 23:59:44 PST 2007

>> In your caldavd.plist file, locate the AdminPrincipals key and  
>> change the principal path by replacing 'admin' with the guid for  
>> the admin in your accounts.xml.
> Confirmed, this works to get rid of that issue...
>> What do you have set for the <cuaddr> elements in accounts.xml for  
>> each user? Do you have email addresses in there?
> I have mailto:user at domain.com
> I've seen in some of the example files mailto:user%20d at domain.com -  
> Why the %20d, and is it necessary?

(I guess you're referring to %02d :-)

It's the iteration variable for the repeat attribute, e.g.

   <user repeat="99">
     <name>User %02d</name>
     <cuaddr>mailto:user%02d at example.com</cuaddr>

generates uid:s user01 - user99, etc.


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