[CalendarServer-users] Re: Debugging accounts.xml and Linux (fixed...)

David Szego david.szego at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 04:59:21 PST 2007

On 11-Nov-07, at 9:39 PM, Joe Auty wrote:

> Would you care to share with me how you got delegation to work  
> properly? :)

I faked it. Both my wife and I have each others account set up in the  
"Accounts" preference panel, with the calendars renamed to "Home -  
David" and "Home - Sonja". This way, we can write to each other's  

There's also a resource named "Car", which we both have proxy on. In  
my iCal, I've set it visible on my account, but not visible on hers,  
and on her iCal, it's visible on her account but not mine (otherwise  
it would show up twice in each copy of iCal).

As we don't necessarily need meeting invites, she *could* set up a  
meeting for herself, and invite me, by typing my full email address,  
but really she just needs to put "Take dog to vet" directly on my  
calendar (for which she doesn't need to "attend", and doesn't need an  
accept/decline response!)

So, for a small family calendar, it's great. For a large professional  
group calendaring system, without proper directory support, it still  
isn't feasable on Linux but it's getting a lot better, and isn't so  
hard to get up and running! (Good work to all!)


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