[CalendarServer-users] delegation help?

Frank Strauß strauss at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Wed Nov 14 05:22:30 PST 2007

Frank Strauß wrote:
> Cyrus Daboo wrote:
>> [...] David Reid has recently added ical-schema.txt into the doc directory in
>> SVN. That documents the new schema we are using. Let us know if you need
>> more information.
> Thank you very much! I intend to extend my schemas so that they become a
> superset of the apple.schema classes. Is it possible that you make the
> 10.5 apple.schema file publically available?

Today I took a closer look at the server's LDAP client part and had to
find that it relies on Apple specific libraries, which are not available
on non-Darwin platforms. Hence, I think, using LDAP for configuring
principals and for making this data available to delegation
configuration is not trivial. Am I right?

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