[CalendarServer-users] Lost newbie: Can't access via IP address although localhost works

Steven Chan bookondesk at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 16:24:08 PST 2007

Hi, folks,

Newbie warning:  you may need to speak slooowly to be understood, as  
my UNIX skills are still nascent... ;-)

I've installed Calendar Server from today's trunk on Leopard desktop  
client 10.5.1 (not OS X Server).  It compiled fine and runs without  
errors. I haven't altered the default caldavd-dev.plist.  My Leopard  
client is connected to a D-Link 624 via DHCP, where it's been given an  
IP of

What works:
I can connect to it via iCal 3.0.1 (1205) using admin/admin against http://localhost:8008 
.  I've been able to create a couple of new CalDAV calendars using my  
local iCal client and the admin/admin account.

I can also connect via Firefox 2.x against http://localhost:8008 and https://localhost:8443 

So far so good.  Substituting for in both test cases work as  
expected, too.

What doesn't work:
My local network IP address is

I cannot access the Calendar Server via  I  
can ping this address using Network Utility running locally as well as  
from other Macs.

This fails locally in Firefox with the following error:  "Firefox  
can't establish a connection to the server at"

This fails locally in iCal with the following error:  "Account  
information not found.  Connection to the server was  

Can anyone shed some light on why requests to localhost work but  
requests to my explicit IP fail?

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