[CalendarServer-users] Problems to setup Calendar Server

Håkan Axelsson developer at axelsson.ws
Mon Nov 26 23:35:31 PST 2007

Problem solved thanks to Emil.

Upgraded to Xcode 3.0 and finally all works well. Seems there are  
differences in the installation between the old and the new versions  
of Python in Xcode. So the conclusion is that if Tiger is updated to  
Leopard an upgrade of the developer tools are also necessary.


23 nov 2007 kl. 21.10 skrev Emil Lundberg:

> Now that makes a whole lot more sense. The actual error is that the  
> Python header files are missing - the include path is correct but  
> the files are not present or have the wrong permissions.
> 'lipo' then fails when it tries to create a fat binary from  
> architecture-specific binaries that failed to compile.
> Check that the python header files (see below) are present in the  
> location specified:
> /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/include/ 
> python2.5/
> and that they are readable by the user that you compile DCS as.
> My guess is that you are missing a part of the current Xcode Tools -  
> make sure you install/upgrade to the version from the Leopard DVD  
> (contain Python 2.5 in particular) and that you have a complete  
> installation (e.g. 10.3 SDK is not necessary).  A quick look in / 
> Library/Receipts shows that the Python Framework header files are  
> installed as part of the "DevSDKLeo" package, although it might not  
> show up as such in the Installer.
> HTH,
> /Emil
> O

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