[CalendarServer-users] ACL from iCal on Leopard?

Leonard Budney lbudney at pobox.com
Fri Sep 28 20:06:40 PDT 2007


I've set up calendar server successfully and created a personal  
calendar. I've also created a user for my wife, and tried to give her  
access to my calendar, but without success.

In iCal on Leopard 9a559, I went to preferences-->accounts-- 
 >delegation and clicked "refresh," but the "accounts I can access"  
list is empty. Then I clicked "edit" near "manage access to my  
account," and then clicked the (+) on the popup window, typed my  
wife's user name and clicked "done." iCal responded, "cannot enable  
access to your account: 'julie' was not found."

One thing I noticed was that clicking "search again" and "done"  
repeatedly did not produce ANY requests to the calendar server. I'd  
have thought iCal would connect to the server to ask about user  
"julie," but apparently not.

How can I give her access to my calendar, either through the client or  
by editing config files on the server?


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