[CalendarServer-users] vCard / CardDAV support in DCS

Richard Smith xplora at wak.co.nz
Thu Apr 3 17:52:36 PDT 2008

IMHO from Apple's perspective I believe they will be expecting LDAP/ 
OpenDirectory for contacts, personally I would expect that CardDAV is  
outside the scope of of the CalendarServer and believe CalendarServer  
would be expecting other services would handle things like CardDAV.  
This of course does not rule out the idea that CalendarServer couldn't  
do it, the way CalendarServer is structured (from my understanding of  
CalendarServer), it would probably be fairly trivial for  
CalendarServer to handle CardDAV (to which I honestly must say I do  
not know anything about).

Richard Smith
xplora at wak.co.nz

On 4/04/2008, at 12:59:19, Helge Heß wrote:
> On 26.03.2008, at 11:38, Ernersto Revilla wrote:
>> I know that CardDAV is still not a standard, but Chandler/Cosmo  
>> already
>> implements some parts. How difficult would it be to implement this in
>> DCS? (estimates in month/person).
>> I think the most important efforts are already done, i.e. vobject  
>> parses
>> vCards (in some degree) and there are also REPORT implementation in  
>> the
>> caldav part.
>> Are there already any future plans?
> I would be interested in this as well.
> Are there plans to add CardDAV to CalendarServer, or is the goal to  
> have a separate server?
> Would you accept patches which add CardDAV to CalendarServer?
> Or are we supposed to do LDAP/OpenDirectory for contacts?
> Or will CardDAV just become a proxy frontend to OD?
> Would be great to know the general direction ;-)
> As mentioned by Ernersto, it looks like it should be pretty trivial  
> to add to CS? (I somehow doubt that Cyrus doesn't have an  
> implementation ready? ;-)
> Thanks,
>  Helge
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