[CalendarServer-users] One .ics file per event being created

Helge Heß me at helgehess.eu
Sat Apr 5 10:43:56 PDT 2008

On 05.04.2008, at 19:19, mikejp wrote:
> it exepcts each calendar to have one .ics file. However
> both iCal and Lightning are creating one file for every event.
> Are they suppose to be doing that?

Yes, in fact thats a requirement for CalDAV (only one UID per HTTP  

Would be nice if phpicalendar would support CalDAV-style calendar  
folders, but w/o an index DB it would be quite costly. The script  
would need to touch many files, every time it shows an overview. (it  
could probably reuse the iCalServer index DB, but then it would be  
iCalServer specific)

Helge Hess

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