[CalendarServer-users] Adding users

Nick nicklegg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 13:39:13 PDT 2008


Please refer to this message previously discussed on the mailing list: 

My guess is you just missed a step in the setup.  Let me know if that 
doesn't solve the issue you are experiencing.  Also, another way to add 
users is to use the  CalDAVClientLibrary from 

Good luck.

Tony Rogers wrote:
> So, I just followed the instructions for installing the Calendar 
> Server on my MacBook, got it up and running, logged in as admin, and…  
> Not sure how to add users.  I tried adding another user in 
> /conf/accounts.xml, but unless I missed something it didn't seem to 
> create any directories for that user, even after I restarted the 
> server.  (So I changed it back.)
> Is this documented anywhere?  I spent the last 45 minutes looking 
> around online with no luck. :/
> -- Tony
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