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Richard Shepherd richard at shepfamily.co.uk
Fri Aug 22 15:18:29 PDT 2008


I was wondering if this was the case. My setup just seemed fine from  
an OD perspective but various lists were using the xml stuff instead  
of OD and asking the same questions to be answered with "Oh you need  
OD to look up delegates" etc.

However, OD is just OD whether on Leopard or Tiger or Debian etc I  
assume (I am NOT an OpenDirectory officionardo).

I came across the following in my searches to get full DCS/iCal  
integration on my non-Leopard supported 800MHz Quicksilver G4 10.4.11  
home server. I'd rather not have to buy an 877MHz+ PowerMac on eBay  
plus Leopard server just to get calendaring working for my home network.


Currently I have to run with requireComputerRecord set to false in  
caldavd-dev.plist to prevent the "Open Directory (node=/Search) has  
no /Computers records with a virtual hostname: ns1.26hollin.lan"  
problem - ns1.26hollin.lan being my server. The first post above  
suggests that the information in ical-schema.txt will help get DCS  
running with requireComputerRecord set to true. I just don't have the  
knowledge to implement how.

The latter post also tries to explain how to integrate iCal with DCS

1) You have the server successfully configured using Directory Utility
on the client machine.
2) You have added the directory domain to the Search Policy for
contacts using Directory Utility on the client machine.
3) A couple of attributes need to be present in the LDAP schema
(standard in 10.5 OD) on the directory server, e.g. the user
(inetorgperson object) requires an apple-serviceslocator attribute
configured in the directory; see the "doc/ical-schema.txt" documents
in the DCS svn repository:

I believe 1) i sokay for me but I don't get 2) or 3).

A walkthrough would be really useful.

If we could JUST get these to work then I believe we can provide a  
concise HOWTO to fully enabling DCS on Tiger systems.



Currently I have the
On 22 Aug 2008, at 22:14, Cyrus Daboo wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> --On August 22, 2008 10:07:15 PM +0100 Richard Shepherd <richard at shepfamily.co.uk 
> > wrote:
>> Has anyone got iCal/DCS working fully on Tiger server using Open
>> Directory?
>> My DNS/OD/Kerberos setup seems okay. Proper forward & reverse DNS.
>> Proper binding of clients to OD. Users & Groups created in WGM can be
>> logged into by clients and are valid DCS principals.
>> I just cannot get iCal to find users in the delegation settings pane
>> or in the attendees field. Typing any OD user short or long name (or
>> anything for that matter) in the auto complete fields returns  
>> nothing.
> You need a Leopard OD server in order for iCal to properly find  
> calendar users for auto-complete or delegates. There are additional  
> attributes that are needed by iCal, and those are only in Leopard.
> -- 
> Cyrus Daboo

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