[CalendarServer-users] Server hangs on startup

John Berliner john at johnberliner.com
Mon Dec 8 14:46:53 PST 2008

I have updated source, server was running ok last week...
Any good reason or clues why my calendar server would now hang during  

exec python /usr/local/src/Twisted/bin/twistd  -n caldav -f /usr/ 
local/src/CalendarServer/conf/caldavd-dev.plist -o ProcessType=Combined
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-] Log opened.
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-] twistd 2.5.0+rUnknown (/usr/local/bin/ 
python 2.5.2) starting up
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-] reactor class: <class  
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-]  
[calendarserver.tap.caldav.CalDAVServiceMaker#error] Unable to detect  
number of CPUs: getNCPU not supported on freebsd7
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-]  
[calendarserver.tap.caldav.CalDAVServiceMaker#info] 0 processors  
found. Configuring 4 processes.
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-]  
[calendarserver.tap.caldav.CalDAVServiceMaker#info] Adding memcached  
2008-12-08 14:05:57-0800 [-]  
twistedcaldav.accesslog.AMPLoggingFactory starting on "'logs/ 

The .sock and .pid files get created fine; as I recall this is right  
before the actual server process gets started.

Thanks in advance,
John Berliner

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