[CalendarServer-users] OS X Calendar Server launchd -- or alternatives

John Berliner john at johnberliner.com
Tue Dec 16 12:24:03 PST 2008

Our caldavd runs fine on a vanilla OS X machine (not server) via the  
run script, in standalone or daemon (-d) mode.

Our last step is to get launchd to start caldav. I've created  
a .plist file in /Library/LaunchDaemons, based on the sample file  
supplied in trunk's /contrib directory and guidelines from Apple's  
site. But no amount of fiddling with the file seems to convince  
launchctl to actually get python+caldav started.

My main question is: can the launchd plist file invoke the run  
script, or must it call the caldav daemon directly as in the sample  
file? (Trying to do so now causes path/environment errors, twisted  
can't find Zope, etc.) If I use the run script to do a system  
install, where is the canonical location for a base install location?  
(It looks like "run -i /" would work...most stuff going to /usr/local  
I think)

Any success stories or alternatives here would be much appreciated. I  
know Apple wants everyone to move to launchd, so I'd prefer doing it  
this way rather than using a deprecated method (rc.local, for example).

John Berliner
Live Oak School

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