[CalendarServer-users] Adding Events

Josh Hoskins jhoskins at airwave-networks.com
Mon Dec 22 19:11:06 PST 2008

Hey All,

Not sure if anyone has asked this question before, I couldn't find 
reference to it browsing the archive or from searching online. Anyway, I 
have the calendar server up and running beautifully on a Ubuntu box with 
individual user accounts and shared group calendars working fine. What 
I'd like to do is allow events to be created through a web site via some 
PHP code.

Browsing through the file system and the documentation I could find, I 
attempted to simply copy an ics event into the data directory for my 
user and see if it would show up on the next sync but it doesn't. As far 
as I can tell my manually copied ics event appears exactly the same file 
that the system would have created if I used a calendaring program to 
import it. Is there a file listing that tells the server what files 
exist in a user directory to send the user when they sync their calendar 
or am I completely off base with that line of thinking.

Anyway, this is way outside my comfort zone and I'm grasping at straws, 
so if anyone has any insights or suggestions I'd appreciate them.

Thanks in advance,


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