[CalendarServer-users] iCal server perfomance issues.

Silas Thomas silas at uoregon.edu
Wed Feb 13 09:22:41 PST 2008

We've implemented iCal here and are having some performance issues.  
iCal server stats: 162 accounts, 65 calendars, 100 groups, 3000+  
events, disk usage is 30kb on Intel Xserve Leopard server. We have all  
users calendars delegated to all other users, and about half of those  
users viewing all others calendars. We have a good DNS and resolution.  
When a user opens their iCal it may take up to 20 minutes to an hour  
or more for their calendar to sync, and the server pegs out at near  
100% cpu usage for all the python processes _Calendar user. Not to  
mention that it takes forever for iCal to display the available  
calendars for access in the preferences. All machines are leopard and  
bound to the OD, single server setup.

Has anyone experienced anything similar, and what did you do to  
correct the problem?


Silas Thomas
International Affairs
Information Technology Consultant
silas at uoregon.edu

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