[CalendarServer-users] Calendar Sharing - ACLs?

Stephen Bowman sbbowman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 13:06:20 PST 2008

Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for your response, you've helped tremendously.  I figured out my
problem with Mulberry as well thanks to your hint.

The command line tool you are working on would be a huge help and greatly


On Jan 10, 2008 10:00 AM, Cyrus Daboo <cdaboo at apple.com> wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> --On January 10, 2008 9:36:12 AM -0500 Stephen Bowman <sbbowman at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > So, I've installed mulberry, and attempt to edit access controls and I'm
> > getting:
> >
> > 2008-01-10 09:02:01-0500 [-] [caldav-8181]  [AMP,client] PROPFIND
> > /principals/users/user01
> Not sure exactly what you were trying to edit there, but it looks like you
> were trying to edit ACLs on a principal resource, whereas what you really
> need to do is edit ACLs directly on the calendar you want to share. But
> note comments below...
> > 1) Are ACLs the way to solve my problem?  Or is there an easier way to
> > support sharing?  Would like to use delegation, but as I understand it,
> > that
> > can only be done by setting up an OD server, etc etc.
> Delegation is the best way to do this. At present that is most easily
> setup
> using iCal and does require iCal bound to OD.
> > 2) If ACLs are the way, what could be the problem above?  File
> permissions
> > don't seem to be the problem, as everything is caldavd:caldavd and the
> > server is started up by user caldavd.
> If you really want to use ACLs, then set the ACLs on
> /calendars/users/user02/calendar to give /principals/__uids__/XXX
> (whatever
> the principalURL is for user01) read access.
> (2) can be done using Mulberry but you do need to find the __uids__ URL
> for
> user01 - that can be done by using Safari to navigate to
> /principals/users/user01/ and looking at the resulting page.
> In my spare time I have been working on a little command line tool that
> will allow browsing of a WebDAV/CalDAV hierarchy, plus some direct
> manipulation of ACLs and delegates. This tool would allow you to easily
> set
> ACLs and delegates from the command line without the need to be bound to
> OD
> etc. I am hoping to push this tool out to the open source site soon. I'll
> post to this list once that happens.
> --
> Cyrus Daboo
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