[CalendarServer-users] Reminder - solution for improper GUID's in Linux

David Szego david.szego at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 10:28:47 PST 2008

List folks running Linux:

If you're getting something like this:

Request Error
Access to "New Event" in "calendar" in account "Home Calendars" is not
The server responded:
"HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden"
to operation CalDAVScheduleEventQueueableOperation.


[CalDAV Outbox POST] Could not find principal for originator: mailto:whoever at domain.com

and your accounts.xml looks something like this:


Looks like you've got the same problem I ran into... improper GUID's.

You need full, system-generated GUID's like:

     <cuaddr>mailto:root at thinkcreatesolve.com</cuaddr>

If you go to the CalDavd in a web browser (probably 
  on your Linux server itself), click on "Principals", (you might need  
your admin password), click on "users", and then click on each user's  

You'll see the following:

Principal Details

     Directory Information
     Directory GUID: 4325319e-0d84-5b06-b703-e45634a2818a
     Realm: The Family

     Principal Information
     GUID: 16f524a3-356e-54ab-9267-e51ce008e511
     Record type: users
     Short name: admin
     Full name: Admin
     Principal UID: 16f524a3-356e-54ab-9267-e51ce008e511
     Principal URL: /principals/__uids__/16f524a3-356e-54ab-9267- 

It's the "Principal Information: GUID:" line that you'll need in your  
accounts.xml, for each user.

Everything should work fine if you do that!

Just a helpful reminder, as someone was asking off-list.

David Szego.

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