[CalendarServer-users] Configuring server for htdigest authentication with Apache 2.2 - errors

Matt Poff matt.poff at headfirst.co.nz
Wed Jan 16 15:49:20 PST 2008

Hi all,

Have downloaded the latest stable source from svn and compiled on 
CentOS/RHEL5. Other than the PyKerberos dependency not resolving (I 
located the package via the OS's package manager) everything installed 
and ran OK until I tried to configure authentication using htdigest (or 
htpasswd for that matter). Using either of these options the server 
wouldn't start.

I located this ticket on the site, which provides default values for the 
Apache access methods and looked promising.

I initially tried installing the latest patch available which patched 
about 5 times, failing in one location. I replaced with the original 
source and tried patching with the  config.py.patch (01/11/07). This 
applied successfully and the server now runs but I cannot log in and get 
this error in the server log after attempting to:

line 210, in update
    raise ConfigurationError(
twistedcaldav.config.ConfigurationError: Default service parameters must 
be specified in twistedcaldav.directory.apache.DigestDirectoryService 
using the 'defaultParams' class variable or via the 
'defaultServiceParams' module variable in twistedcaldav.config.

So I installed the next most recent patch (extensible_config.patch) 
which partially worked, two hunks failing.

Am I on the right track here? Should I even be applying these patches to 
the current release? Are there additional XML parameters required?

Really appreciate any help.


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