[CalendarServer-users] group calendar error

Terry Barnum terry at dop.com
Wed Jun 4 11:50:01 PDT 2008

After adding an event in iCal to a group calendar, the calendar  
connection status spins forever with errors in the log. I've Googled  
on the error and found several references to it but no fixes that work  

DCS log says:

2008-06-04 09:17:56-0700 [-] [caldav-8008]  [HTTPChannel, 
178,] [twistedcaldav.static.ScheduleOutboxFile#error]  
Originator: https://letigre.local:8443/principals/__uids__/a15ba0d9-60af-xxxx-xxxx-975dfaeb90a5/ 
  does not match authorized user: /principals/__uids__/terry/

caldavd-dev.plist has both http and https enabled, but the iCal  
account URLs are always just http. If caldavd-dev.plist https is set  
to 0 the errors change to:

2008-06-04 10:32:22-0700 [-] [caldav-8008]  [HTTPChannel, 
9,] [twistedcaldav.directory.principal#error] No  
principal for calendar user address: 'https://letigre.local:8443/principals/__uids__/a15ba0d9-60af-xxxx-xxxx-975dfaeb90a5/'

2008-06-04 10:32:22-0700 [-] [caldav-8008]  [HTTPChannel, 
9,] [twistedcaldav.static.ScheduleOutboxFile#error] Could  
not find principal for originator: https://letigre.local:8443/principals/__uids__/a15ba0d9-60af-xxxx-xxxx-975dfaeb90a5/

I used iCal Prefs to add a new CalDAV Account with the following  

Description: dOPSked
Username: terry
Password: •••••
Full Name: dOPSked
Account URL: http://letigre.local:8008/principals/groups/sked/

Is this the correct way to setup a group calendar for a small office  
of 20 users?

I'm using XML Directory Service. Had to remove the dOPSked group  
<guid> tags or else DCS threw errors when using a browser to look at / 
principals/groups. Is this part of the problem?

Here's the accounts-test.xml:

<accounts realm="dOP Test Calendar">
	<name>Super User</name>
	<cuaddr>mailto:postmaster at dop.com</cuaddr>
	<cuaddr>mailto:terry at dop.com</cuaddr>
	<cuaddr>mailto:alisa at dop.com</cuaddr>
	<cuaddr>mailto:lorali at dop.com</cuaddr>
	<cuaddr>mailto:brian at dop.com</cuaddr>
   <location repeat="10">
	<name>Room %02d</name>
		<member type="users">admin</member>
   <resource repeat="10">
	<name>Resource %02d</name>
		<member type="users">admin</member>
<!-- 	<guid>sked</guid> - causes "Internal Server Error" when browsing  
'groups' via Safari -->
		<member type="users">terry</member>
		<member type="users">alisa</member>
		<member type="users">lorali</member>
		<member type="users">brian</member>
	<name>Disabled Group</name>
		<member type="users">user01</member>

DCS on 10.4.11 Server
iCal client on 10.5.3

Thanks for any pointers.


Terry Barnum
digital OutPost
San Diego, CA


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