[CalendarServer-users] Problems with XMLDirectoryService

Ed Poe thinman at malted.net
Thu Jun 12 12:20:17 PDT 2008

tack -

Thanks for the quick reply.

I commented out the guid elements (and deleted and regenerated the  
server data) with no effect.

Using the command line client, I get the following errors with a props  
command in a user directory:

Failed Properties:
     {DAV:}acl: 401
     {DAV:}current-user-privilege-set: 401

It fails in any path under /principals, but doesn't fail in a path  
like /calendars/users/<username> so I may just be misunderstanding in  
what context the acl command is supposed to work.

If I had to guess I'd say it looks more like user authentication fails  
outside the user's own directory, but I don't know why.  In  
troubleshooting this I changed the AdminPrincipals in caldavd.plist  
and now my user account can at least subscribe to the other account  
and the group, but I still can't delegate the resource or directly add  
events for the group, and availability is still not supported on the  
server (according to iCal, anyway).

- e

On 12 Jun 2008, at 1:39 PM, tack wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> Try commenting out the guid element in the users.  That was one of the
> earlier solutions to some things.  I don't have it in my accounts.xml
> and we can use availability.
> As far as permissions, you can edit the ACL's with the command line
> client:
> http://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/CalDAVClientLibrary
> and this oughta get you started navigating the tool:
> http://wantedfornerder.blogspot.com/2008/04/darwin-calendar-server-client-tool.html
> Cheers,
> tack
> On Jun 12, 2008, at 9:15 AM, Ed Poe wrote:
>> I have a server built from SVN running on debian etch (with python  
>> 2.5
>> from sid).  It's configured to use XMLDirectoryService.  Client
>> software is iCal 3.0.3 (1244) on 10.5.3.
>> Although users can log in and edit their own calendars, free/busy
>> doesn't work ("Availability is not supported on the server for this
>> account) and delegates for resources don't work ("Delegation is not
>> supported on the server for this account".  Also following
>> instructions I've found in the archives I'm unable to set up iCal to
>> access shared calendars ("Access is denied at https://<server>:8443/
>> calendars/groups/<group>/calendar with this login and password."),
>> although I'm not positive that iCal is supposed to be able to do this
>> anyway as the documentation is lacking (as has been discussed on this
>> list).  The cert is self-signed, but the CA is imported into the
>> keychain and it works fine in Safari and Mail.app so I don't think
>> it's an https problem, and I have the same issue with http anyway.  I
>> do get this message in the error_log:
>> 2008-06-12 12:02:05-0400 [-] [caldav-8009]  [AMP,client]
>> [twisted.web2.dav.resource#info] Authentication failed: Incorrect
>> credentials for
>> <
>> XMLDirectoryRecord
>> [users at 55a7b2a7-2238-57a0-8539-652e8aad9fdf(Calendar)]
>> bf6c39d3-5267-5bfc-8df1-39d7d1591e80(ed) 'Ed Poe'>
>> Is this just a subtle syntax error in my accounts.xml file, or is
>> something else going on?  I've tried deleting data files on the  
>> server
>> (both the sqlite data and the contents of the CalendarServer/ 
>> Documents
>> directory).  If I use a web browser I can see that the principals all
>> exist.
>> <accounts realm="Calendar">
>> <user>
>> <guid>f1f8ce95-2482-5c41-9c47-952ec8394056</guid>
>> <uid>admin</uid>
>> <password>XXXX</password>
>> <name>Super User</name>
>> <cuaddr>mailto:root at mydomain</cuaddr>
>> </user>
>> <user>
>> <uid>ed</uid>
>> <guid>bf6c39d3-5267-5bfc-8df1-39d7d1591e80</guid>
>> <password>XXXX</password>
>> <name>Ed Poe</name>
>> <cuaddr>mailto:nobody at nowhere.int</cuaddr>
>> </user>
>> <user>
>> <uid>kate</uid>
>> <guid>673a4166-e05b-5908-8066-60756837fe74</guid>
>> <password>XXXX</password>
>> <name>her name</name>
>> <cuaddr>mailto:nobody at nowhere.int</cuaddr>
>> </user>
>> <group>
>> <uid>groupname</uid>
>> <guid>1b8539c4-074f-5bd2-ba3d-963049bfb044</guid>
>> <password>XXXX</password>
>> <name>our group</name>
>> <members>
>> <member type="users">ed</member>
>> <member type="users">kate</member>
>> </members>
>> </group>
>> <resource>
>> <uid>car</uid>
>> <guid>a8b27dba-8cf6-513e-a7cf-b940ffed94fe</guid>
>> <password>XXXX</password>
>> <name>Honda del Sol VTEC</name>
>> <auto-schedule/>
>> <proxies>
>> <member type="users">ed</member>
>> <member type="users">kate</member>
>> </proxies>
>> </resource>
>> </accounts>
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