[CalendarServer-users] 'reset' a calendar/user?

tack tack at tractionco.com
Mon Jun 23 11:12:56 PDT 2008

Hey everybody

We migrated people to our DCS implementation and ran into an issue  
where some people's calendars were accessible as subscriptions just  
fine, but others you could authenticate (authenticated:read ACL) but  
it just timed out.

We had advised people to migrate their old calendars over by exporting  
as an .ics then reimporting it and assigning the events to their  
calendar in DCS.  The people who's calendars are at issue/time out  
appear to have done this, as they have hundreds of sequential PUT's in  
the access logs.  About 3 a second.

So, I have to see if this is the problem.  My plan is to have a user  
with a large calendar who didn't do this yet and who's calendar I can  
access attempt this, and then   see if my access to their calendar  

My big question is:  How can I revert people's calendars/users to a  
state where they're accessible or 'fresh' if my theory is correct?  I  
don't want to irreparably break my test subjects account and if I'm  
right, I want to fix the users who are having problems.  Is it as  
simple as commenting them out of accounts.xml, waiting 10 minutes then  
uncommenting them?  Do I have to do some gnarly SQL-Fu?  And worst  
case scenario; can I simply blow away the whole database, restart  
caldavd, redo my acl/proxy stuff in the command line client and be  
merrily on my way?


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