[CalendarServer-users] FreeBSD server up and running but...

Chris Brown chrisb at computerbookshops.com
Fri Nov 7 02:42:25 PST 2008

Hi Lenny,

It's been driving me crazy but I finally fixed it! The only error I 
could see in the logs was an error with memcached not being able to log 
on as root. It looks like the memcache service gets called in 
twistedcaldav/cluster.py so I just added a line in on line 393 to force 
the service to start as root:

if config.Memcached["ServerEnabled"]:
    log.msg("Adding memcached service")

    memcachedArgv = [
        "-p", str(config.Memcached["Port"]),
        "-l", config.Memcached["BindAddress"],
        "-u", "root",

And bam, calendars galore for all.


Martin Leonard wrote:
> Hi Chris, 
> Chris Brown-20 wrote:
>> The only problem is that after setting up some test users in 
>> accounts.xml I can't browse to their calendar folders through the 
>> browser or connect to the sever through either Thunderbird or Chandler. 
>> I can browse and logon to http://server:8008 and browse through 
>> /calenders and /principals fine, I can access the locations and 
>> resources calendars e.g./calendars/locations/location01/calendar/ but 
>> when I try to look at any calendar directories for my created users or 
>> groups i.e. /calendars/user/<UID>/ the server times out with nothing. 
>> What am I missing?!
>  I have a similar issue. I think it might be a new issue in trunk as I did
> have it working a month or so ago. I found when connecting to a user
> calendar collection in thunderbird/lightning I was getting an error. I used
> the url: .In
> Thunderbird under Tools there is an "Error Console" option. In here I was
> getting the following error:
> Warning: There has been an error reading data for calendar: Mleonard -
> Caldav.  However, this error is believed to be minor, so the program will
> attempt to continue. Error code: DAV_NOT_DAV. Description: The resource at
> is either not a
> DAV collection or not available
> I did not get this error when I downloaded the source on a different server
> a month or so earlier. By the way I can access the calendar fine on a Mac
> using iCal and on Windows via Firefox. 
> I also still have issues accessing the calendar from Outlook via open
> connector.
> I am continuing to look into these issues and will post any updates if I
> find any solutions.
> Lenny

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