[CalendarServer-users] after one day running...

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Wed Nov 26 06:31:58 PST 2008

Hi jean,

--On November 26, 2008 11:04:44 AM +0100 jean <jduffas1 at free.fr> wrote:

> after (about) one day turning, I need to restart the server because the
> well is turning for a while in ical, then it says :
> "Ce compte (nous deux) semble être hors ligne en raison d’un problème
> de serveur ou de réseau
> La requête a échoué au bout de 120 secondes.
> Voulez-vous vous connecter tout de suite ?"
> witch means in english :
> "This account (we two) appears to be offline due to a server problem or
> network.
> The motion failed after 120 seconds.
> Do you want to connect immediately?"
> restarting the server correct the problem... for a few hours.
> any idea ?

Can you include the server's access and error logs (from /var/log/caldavd) 
so we can see what it is doing?

Cyrus Daboo

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