[CalendarServer-users] Calendar server, opendirectory, ldap and users

Joël Brogniart Joel.Brogniart at univ-lyon2.fr
Sat Nov 29 10:54:24 PST 2008

Hi there,

I'd like to set a Mac OS X calendar server but Apple's documentation  
is far from clear on this topic.

I have a Mac OS X server that is bound to an Opendirectory and a LDAP  
server. The OD server is used to manage special users and groups and  
the LDAP server contain all users. I don't have write access to the  
LDAP server and the LDAP server is not a standard (neither AD nor  
standard Unix).

I configured LDAP mappings so that user can authenticate, find their  
home directory.. They are authenticated against the LDAP server. That  
works fine for web site authentication, personal web site...

Now, I'd like to permit to some users to have a calendar on calendar  
server. There is no problem for Opendirectory users, but I'd like to  
permit LDAP  users too. As I can't write to the LDAP server, I can't  
use Workgroup manager to configure user's calendar rights.

Do the calendar server have to have write autorisation to the LDAP  
server or can I use LDAP mapping to generate calendar needed data?

If I can use LDAP mapping, what are the needed attribut in order for a  
user to be able to have calendar server access with ldap bind  

Why is it so complicated to put a calendar server in place? No need to  
answer to this one :-)

English is not my native language and I'm not sure that my questions  
are clear enougth so, please ask for more information is needed.

Thanks for any response.


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