[CalendarServer-users] Wrong error reporting?

Pascal Robert probert at macti.ca
Mon Apr 13 16:06:26 PDT 2009


I'm currently patching ical4j-connector to add free/busy support, and  
after a couple of hours of trying to find out why I was getting :

	2009-04-13 18:49:55-0400 [-] [caldav-8009]  
[twistedcaldav.scheduling.caldav#error] Could not determine free busy  
information: urn:uuid:admin

In Calendar Server log, and the answer I got from Calendar Server :

	<request-status>3.8;Not authorized</request-status>

The problem was that my DTSTART and DTEND properties didn't have the Z  
at the end, e.g. I had :


when it should be :


I was only able to find that it was the problem after I sniffed the  
traffic between iCal and CalendarServer and to compare the POST with  
my own call. I just want to know if it's normal that I get a "3.8;Not  
authorized" status for such an error?

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