[CalendarServer-users] how to create a new calendar from a client app

maxbobzien at mac.com maxbobzien at mac.com
Tue Aug 11 02:02:31 PDT 2009

This is maybe a stupid question, but why would you do that? For my understanding, you set up the server in a specific environment, for example your office. And every employee has it's own office calendar, where all his entries are stored. So why would you want an additional calendar?

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Am Dienstag 11 August 2009 um 04:11AM schrieb "José Pinheiro Neta" <jose.neta at gmail.com>:
>I've just installed calendar server on OS X 10.5 (not server).
>I'm able to visit http://myip:8008 and subscribe any of those  
>calendars with ical, but I've tried to create a calendar in ical and  
>than publish it to http://myip:8008/admin and I did not succeed.
>Ical is giving me an error:
>"The server responded with HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict"
>The question is: How do set up a server where each user are able to  
>write to the server their own calendars?
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