[CalendarServer-users] Email Notifications

Brian Hall brianh at wolfram.com
Wed Dec 9 15:05:08 PST 2009

I have one big thing I'm trying to work around with the calendar server. 
  The way event notifications works by default is for users who have 
accounts on the system, it sends everything via the notifications 
mechanism (XMPP, iTip, iMip). However, if you add an attendee, someone 
external to the company for example, who doesn't have an account on the 
server, it sends them an email with the event information and updates 
with a .ics attachment.  What I would like to do is tweak it so that it 
sends the email notifications regardless of whether or not they are a 
user on the system.  I can mostly see what it's doing in the code, but I 
don't have enough python coding experience to make it work, I've tried 
about everything I can think of.  This is all in the 
/twistedcaldav/scheduling directory, files like cuaddress.py, 
addressmapping.py, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, solutions, I'd much appreciate it.


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