[CalendarServer-users] Limitations on number events?

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Wed Feb 11 08:57:09 PST 2009

Hi Sean,

--On February 11, 2009 5:25:06 PM +0100 Sean McAvoy <smcavoy at ripe.net> 

> are there limitations on the amount of events each user can have? I have
> several users with 1000+ events that seems to cause the server to fail,
> returning null:
> iCal[5423]: CalDAV CalDAVCalendarRefreshOperation failed:
>   status 'HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-Status' request:\n
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> <x0:propfind xmlns:x0="DAV:">
>   <x0:prop>
>    <x0:getetag/>
>    <x0:resourcetype/>
>   </x0:prop>
> </x0:propfind>
> ... response:

The server does not have limits on PROPFINDs, but does on some other 
requests, but iCal is typically aware of those and knows how to query in 
smaller batches.

What does the server's access.log and error.log look like for this problem? 
Also, what are the timestamps on iCal's log entries? In particular, it 
could be that iCal is timing out waiting on the server (i.e. a performance 
issue rather than a limit).

Cyrus Daboo

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