[CalendarServer-users] Access to all calendars

Georg Troska georg.troska at uni-dortmund.de
Tue Feb 17 08:02:32 PST 2009

in deed.
I mixed up groupid with guid .. sorry for that

So I'm able now to use private calendars and group calendars. How do I  
get calendars running in which reading is allowed for everyone but  
writeing only for the user itself?
I'm thinking of holiday-entries for example. Everyone wants to know  
someones holiday, but only the user itself or one priviliged person  
may add or delete entries.

Thanks Georg
Support is really great here

Am 17.02.2009 um 16:45 schrieb Cyrus Daboo:

> Hi Georg,
> --On February 17, 2009 1:50:59 PM +0100 Georg Troska <georg.troska at uni-dortmund.de 
> > wrote:
>>   <user>
>>     <uid>troska</uid>
>>     <guid>e4</guid>
>>     <name>Georg Troska</name>
>>  </user>
>>   <user>
>>     <uid>user2</uid>
>>     <guid>e4</guid>
>>     <name>Username Two</name>
>>  </user>
> The <guid> element for these two records (and others) is the same.  
> You MUST have unique <guids> for each record. The server stores data  
> for each user based on their <guid> - so these two users end up with  
> the same data path on the server.
> So, generate proper GUIDs for each record. You can do that using the  
> uuidgen command on the command line. As someone else noted there is  
> a runadmin.py command in the CalDAVClientLibrary tool available on  
> calendarserver.org. That provides a command line interface for  
> manipulating the accounts.xml file. It will take care of creating  
> accounts with proper GUIDs.
> NB it is important to use proper GUIDs in the accounts.xml file. The  
> next version of the server will actually use a slightly different  
> store layout that uses the first four characters of the GUID to  
> create a "hashed" directory structure for better scalability. GUIDs  
> that are not four characters long will not work with that.
> -- 
> Cyrus Daboo

Georg Troska
Experimentelle Physik IV
TU Dortmund
+49 231 755 3501

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