[CalendarServer-users] Better displayname for homesets?

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Fri Feb 20 13:39:55 PST 2009

Hi Helge,

--On February 20, 2009 10:12:27 PM +0100 Helge Heß <me at helgehess.eu> wrote:

> Great :-)
> I think it would be useful to use 'Calendars of NAME' or 'Calendars
> (NAME)'.
> Rational: if you have a server setup which does CalDAV and CardDAV it
> will be hard to distinguish caldav homesets from carddav homesets.

But clients can do that - they know whether they are dealing with a 
calendar home or an address book home.

I would rather leave this up to the client, otherwise the server would be 
forced to implement a per-user localization framework in order to have the 
proper display string returned for each user.

> Actually there are two variants:
> a) caldav homeset and carddav homeset point to the same
>     collection (in that case just NAME would be fine)
> b) caldav and carddav homesets are managed by distinct
>     servers
> In case b) one would end up with a hierarchy like:
>    user
>      calendars
>        personal
>        company
>      contacts
>        personal
>        company
> If the homesets are just the login names, the user won't know w/o opening
> the tree.

But the client knows which is which as it is "merging" the two listings 
from different servers. It is in a better position to figure out the 
appropriate names.

> [a bit off topic for calserver]
> To increase the complexity a bit further ;-) .. actually the homesets are
> _sets_. So the principals homeset could list multiple accounts on
> different servers.
> Like:
>    user
>      calendars on home machine
>        personal
>        family
>      calendars on work server
>        meetings
>        events

OK. So in theory DAV:displayname can be changed by the client. Prior to the 
fix we did it was in fact possible for the client to change it, but the fix 
overrode that ability. Perhaps we should re-instate the client override. 
With that the user can pick a suitable name and the client can PROPPATCH, 
and then other clients will pick up that change.

Cyrus Daboo

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