[CalendarServer-users] Authentication issue? Something else?

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Mon Feb 23 09:28:09 PST 2009

Hi Don,

--On February 23, 2009 9:24:23 AM -0800 Don Kruse <don at stahancyk.com> wrote:

> This one entry repeats in the caldav log over and over (in fact there is
> very little else). I assume it is related to a user deleted from the OD
> but I'm not sure why this won't go away and it makes me suspicious this
> is at least partly what is delaying authentication requests. Below the
> log is the server performance snapshot showing the DirectoryServices PID
> at the top.
> caldav log:
> 2009-02-18 14:28:51-0800 [-] [caldav-8016]  [OpenDirectoryService] Unable
> to find any record with GUID 77C3A32E-7315-4FD9-ABE4-1F3BDA78EAD0
> 2009-02-18 14:28:51-0800 [-] [caldav-8016]  [-] u'No principal found for
> UID: 77C3A32E-7315-4FD9-ABE4-1F3BDA78EAD0'

What request in the access.log is causing the above entry in the error.log?

Cyrus Daboo

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