[CalendarServer-users] Best Backup Methods

odinm odinm at comcast.net
Fri Feb 27 20:56:01 PST 2009

I have a question about backups.  I recently tried to move my  
calendars from an Ubuntu based server to one based on Debian (Lenny).   
I had assumed that I could simply install DCS on the Debian machine,  
copy over my data and configuration files, restart the server, and be  
done with it.  On a client machine, I deleted the old accounts (before  
first sync), then input the account data info again.  My expectation  
was that the client would suck the data off the server and repopulate  
the calendar, except that when I would do this, I ended up with no  
group calendars.   In Apple's iCal, I would have an entry in the left  
pane for the group name as I set it in Account-Preferences, but no  
calendars at all, not even empty ones.  On the server, I copied the  
files with the "preserve" flag from the HD of the Ubuntu system, and  
did a chmod/chgrp to "caldavd".

After much fooling around, I figured out I could create a new  
calendar, then import all the *.ics files from a user's ~/Library/ 
into the newly made calendar.  This would then transfer the calendar  
data back to the server.  Once this was done, I could sync with DCS  
from a different computer (accounts newly setup) and the data would  
transfer from the server to the client.

I have a backup script that runs every night on the server, but the  
client machines are a mix of laptops and desktops and I don't really  
want to hassle with backing up the calendars from each of those.   I'm  
concerned however, that I may face serious problems with restoring the  
calendars if I ever have to make use of the backups because of my  
experience in copying from one HD to another.

So my question, what should I be saving in my backups?  I'm saving the  
config files in /etc/caldavd and the data from /var/spool/caldavd. 

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