[CalendarServer-users] Building for Mac OS X client

Steve Burling srb at umich.edu
Mon Jul 13 18:37:31 PDT 2009

In hopes that this saves someone else some trouble...

I've been running CalendarServer in "developer" mode for about a year, but 
I recently moved my server to a shiny new Mac Mini, and decided it was time 
to do this "right", as directed in the "run" script.  Here, as best as I 
could keep track as I was doing it, is what I ended up doing to get this 
working.  This is much tided up -- there were a lot of fits and starts 
while I was actually figuring things out.

(Some of these changes were because I wanted to run the server as the 
calendar user, which doesn't have rights to write to /var/run, so I had to 
move some files down a level.)

# A place to build the server...
mkdir /usr/local/caldavd
cd /usr/local/caldavd

# Check out the sources, see 
<http://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/Repository> for the svn command

# Build the server
cd /usr/local/caldavd/CalendarServer
./run -s

# Making the installation (below) doesn't copy memcached to /usr/local/bin,
# apparently assuming it can be found via the PATH, but that didn't work
# for me, so...
cp /usr/local/caldavd/memcached-1.2.6/memcached /usr/local/bin

# Make required changes to twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py -- see the notes
# at the end of this document, which detail the steps I went through to
# ultimately arrive at these changes.
# In particular:
#   change references to /var/run/caldavd.xxx to 
#   change references to /usr/share/caldavd/bin to /usr/local/bin, since
#      that's where other things get installed
#   update the entry for memcached so that it has the full path:
#      /usr/local/bin/memcached

# Make the instalation
./run -i /tmp/caldavd
cd /tmp/caldavd
sudo chown -R calendar:calendar .
sudo pax -pe -rvw . /

# Move caldavd.plist to a more sensible (to me!) place
mkdir /etc/caldavd

# Get sample accounts.xml and sudoers.xml
cp /usr/local/caldavd/CalendarServer/conf/auth/accounts-test.xml 
cp /usr/local/caldavd/CalendarServer/conf/sudoers.plist /etc/caldavd
chown -R calendar:calendar /etc/caldavd
chmod g+s /etc/caldavd
chmod -R g+w /etc/caldavd*

# Edit caldavd.plist, accounts.xml and sudoers.plist as appropriate.
# The changes to caldavd.plist were:
#   ports for HTTP and HTTPS, and enabling HTTPS
#   Adding the location of the server key and certificate (I made a 
self-signed cert)
#   changing bare references to /var/run to /var/run/caldavd
#   changing the usergroup from daemon:daemon to calendar:calendar
# Pruned the heck out of accounts.xml
# Left sudoers.plist unchanged

# Make required directories
mkdir /Library/CalendarServer
chown calendar:calendar /Library/CalendarServer
chmod g+ws /Library/CalendarServer

mkdir /var/run/caldavd
chown calendar:calendar /var/run/caldavd
chmod g+ws /var/run/caldavd

mkdir /var/log/caldavd
chown calendar:calendar /var/log/caldavd
chmod g+ws /var/log/caldavd

# Try starting the server.  Check /var/log/caldavd/error.log for problems.
# Rinse and repeat.
sudo -u calendar /usr/local/bin/caldavd -f /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist

# Notes
# The first problem was that for some reason, we ended up in 
/usr/local/caldavd/CalendarServer/calendarserver/tap/caldav.py, which gets 
config info from 
/usr/local/caldavd/CalendarServer/twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py, which has bad 
references to files in /var/run, rather than /var/run/caldavd.  Try fixing 
# It turns out that if you run /usr/local/bin/caldavd with cwd=/, then we 
more properlly ended up in 
/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/calendarserver/tap/caldav.py, which 
(presumably) gets config info from 
/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py, which still 
has bad references to files in /var/run, rather than /var/run/caldavd.  Try 
fixing those.
# /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages//twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py has 
references to /usr/share/caldavd/bin.  Change those to /usr/local/bin, 
since that's where things get installed.
# /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/process.py at line 442 
does an os.execvpe call that results in a "No such file or directory" 
error, with no notation about the file name.  Add some debugging code just 
before line 395 to print out the value of the 'executable' variable, to try 
to chase this down.  (Actually, I subsequently discovered that Ithink there 
was something in the log that had the missing file name, so that change was 
unnecessary.  Oh, well.)
# Looks like it's memcached, so copied binary from 
/usr/local/caldavd/memcached-1.2.6/memcached to /usr/local/bin, and updated 
reference in twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py to include path.
# Remove debugging code from 
# Ultimately, all the problems seemed to be with stdconfig.py, so I added 
the step early in the process above to make these changes before doing the 

I also made a launchd file to start the server (and keep it running).  Let 
me know if you'd like a copy.

Steve Burling                                    <mailto:srb at umich.edu>
University of Michigan, ICPSR                    Voice: +1 734 615.3779
330 Packard Street                               FAX:   +1 734 647.8700
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