[CalendarServer-users] problems running as a daemon....

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Sat Jun 27 10:09:57 PDT 2009

Hi Jeremy,

--On June 27, 2009 4:08:23 PM +0100 Jeremy Paul Carroll 
<jem at woodpeckeraudio.com> wrote:

> IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/calendarserver/logs/error.log'
> launchctl bsexec failed: No such file or directory
> I'm sure it's probably something fairly simple - I have tried removing
> the entries from the "run" script as detailed in
> http://tobyrush.blogspot.com/2007/11/dummies-guide-to-darwin-calendar-ser
> ver.html, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Does the /calendarserver/logs directory exist and does it have appropriate 
permissions for the server to write to it?

Cyrus Daboo

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