[CalendarServer-users] configuration of openconnector

Asher calendarserver at ether.net.au
Tue Sep 22 17:33:13 PDT 2009

So i have had a look @ the entire darwin isntall of calendarserver and  
really like it, did not take long to configure and start using with my  
mac's and ical


trying to get anything working with outlook has not been quite so  
simple, the site says to use openconnector.org's product
which i downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/otlkcon/


i had a look at their video on the configuration and i guess i dont  
really *get it*

i get these elements...

but there are two options
home address
principle address

can some treat me like a two year old for a few moments and explain  
these differences for me so i know how to configure the mapi for use  
with the same server...

in ical i set as the server address and  
ical automagically worked out that it should be

so i thought maybe that is the *home* and *principlas* address's for  
the connector... but it hasnt worked out that way....

anyone had any luck and able to point me in the right direction please

i click on the save then browse... to choose the calendars... but  



many thanks


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