[CalendarServer-users] Current state of CardDAV

Peter Ankerstål peter at pean.org
Sun Aug 8 07:52:33 PDT 2010


I also want to run it on FreeBSD but without any luck. (to get it to run under os x is very easy). Could you please post a simple guide on
how you where able to get it running on FreeBSD? that would be very helpful. Thanks!

And about the CardDAV-problem (I have the same problem with my current installation). If I overwrite caldav-dev.plist with carddav-dev.plist
it starts as a carddav-server but there has to be a way for it to work as both.

Peter Ankerstål
peter at pean.org

On 8 aug 2010, at 16.48, Daniel Hojka wrote:

> Hi there,
> I just went through the installation process of Calendar Server r600something on FreeBSD 8.1-amd64, which was, let's say, pretty interesting (Roy Hoopers HowTo is more or less obsolete now, maybe I should post my installation notes  somewhere). I guess most of problems I ran into, were related to the fact, that I have almost no knowledge of python, but there's one thing that really puzzles me: The basic idea of playing with the "Calendar and Contacts Server" was to unify and centralize my address books and, as a nice add on, doing the same with calendars. But now I only have something that acts like a working installation of a CalDAV Server, but no idea what to do to make it serve contact information via CardDAV. As I'm still testing, I run the server through the supplied run script that comes with a CalendarServer svn checkout. The only ports that are bound to are tcp 8008 and tcp 8443, which AFAIK default to the calendar server component (plain/ssl).
> After doing some "investigation" I found out, the two components are somehow in the middle of being merged and I also found some sources mentioning something about the in /CalendarServer/branches/users/glyph/contacts-server-merge, but the svn comments are on the one hand not really encouraging, and on the other hand, I have little to no idea how to integrate these with the current trunk of Calendar Server.
> So - could anybody give me a hint where to find the CardDAV component itself (if still available), or tell me what I was doing wrong checking out trunk of Calendar Server to get a decent implemention of an address book server.
> TIA Daniel
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