[CalendarServer-users] cardDAV from mac and iPhone

Chris Bell chris.bell at itblox.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 01:52:38 PST 2010

Hi Goetz,
Poking around, the directory resource isn't being returned. By default the code returns a server error with the message that the directory service is starting up, although it never will as no directory service is configured (using the caldavd-test.plist file).  If you configure a DirectoryAddressBook to use the XMLDirectoryService, then the code crashes at line163 in directorybackedaddressbook.py as it tries to call the updatelock method on an xml directory service, which doesn't exist.  Have tried implementing the 

but this doesn't seem to be supported.  For information, the settings that I used to get these errors were taken from http://www.rho.cc/Blog where I examined the config files from the virtual appliance provided.  One of the things I've noticed from the console log for the iphone is that errors are occuring when the iphone tries to retrieve the principal information, I'm getting a security rights issues

<Warning>: Not authenticated to get current user principal

<Warning>: Could not find the user's principal URL.

Will continue tracking things down as time goes on.  This is all based around the SVN code from last friday.  Have recently switched over from the digest email to the individual emails so I *should* be able to respond to people properly now.....


On 30 Nov 2010, at 11:28, Götz Babin-Ebell wrote:

> Hello Chris,
> On 30.11.2010, at 10:17, Chris Bell wrote:
>> Looking through the access and error logs on the server, whilst I'm connecting from both the address book app on my mac and from the iPhone, I can see the iPhone querying 
> [...]
>> and then it does a 
>> PROPFIND /directory
>> the addressbook app calls
>> PROPFIND /directory
>> PROPFIND /principals/users/{username}
>> PROPFIND /addressbooks/__uid__/{uid of user}/addressbook/ 
>> which is when it successfully connects.  I'm assuming that the iPhone is looking through the server in a different way in which to find the address books, or I've created an address book incorrectly on the mac and the iPhone is struggling to understand.  If I find out more I'll post it, hopefully this will help someone other than me ;)
> ever tried to configure you CalDAV server to not return the /directory resource ?
> Bye
> Goetz

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