[CalendarServer-users] Calendar Server Dependencies

Rahul Amaram rahul at synovel.com
Thu Jul 1 03:21:20 PDT 2010

I am currently pacakging Calendarserver 3.0 for the official Debian 
repository. As the official Debian maintainer (Guido) is busy with 
something else, I have taken over the task.

I have packaged calendarserver 2.4 but because of it using a patched 
version of twisted, it seems to be conflicting with some other packages.

So Guido suggested me to instead look into packaging Calendarserver 3.0 
as it is very likely to be released by the time Debian squeeze is released.

So here are a few queries which I have:

1. Currently, shall I take the latest svn revision and work on it or is 
there a particular revision in the development of 3.0 which has been 
tested and is relatively stable?

2. Any estimate on the release date for 3.0?

3. What are the minimum versions of the dependencies - libevent, 
memcached, postgresql? Is it fine to use libevent 1.3e-3, memcached 
1.2.8 and postgresql 8.3.11? The support/build.sh uses the latest 
versions of these packages but I am not sure if that is the minimum 
version required as well.

Looking forward to a response.


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